We have come across many top myths about smartphones. Mobile phone technology has been improved a lot over the years along with this development people started to believe in some myths about smartphones. So today in this article we are listing top Myths about smartphones.


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Top Myths About Smartphones 


1. Myths About Incognito Mode – Many people believe that browsing in incognito mode will hide their IP address and they will not be tracked but in reality, incognito is only used to browse the internet without saving browsing history and passwords. Next time when you browse in Incognito mode keep in mind that you are just preventing history to store on your browser.

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2. Myths About Charging Smartphone – Another myth about the smartphone is charge smartphone when it’s battery completely drained. But in reality, it will harm your battery and hence your Smartphone’s battery backup will become less. I recommend you to charge your Smartphone once it’s reached below 20%.


Top Myths About Smartphones
Top Myths About Smartphones


3. Myth About Charger – Most people recommend you to use the charger which is supplied with your smartphone. Ideally, this is true, but you can use any original 3rd party charger to charge your smartphone. Don’t use any cheap quality charger use certified chargers like Flipkart SmartBuy, Amazon Basic or Qualcomm certified chargers.


4. Myth About Dolby Atmos – Many users think that if a smartphone is having Dolby support the sound output from the speaker will be very loud but in reality, it’s not true. The only thing Dolby can do is giving you a surround sound experience and the loudness of speaker is depends on whether the smartphone is having dual speaker setup or single speaker setup.


5. Myth About Killing Apps – Many people frequently kill all the apps from their smartphones to free up Ram. But Android And iOS are intelligent enough to manage background task if you clear all apps manually it takes a lot of resources to load it again.


6. Myths About Smartphone Camera – Lot of people believe that More megapixel camera gives better picture quality but in the real world, the picture quality is nothing to do with a number of megapixels. All flagship smartphones like iPhone 7 Samsung S7 and Google Pixel etc have only 12-megapixel camera but the picture quality of these cameras are way better than 16 megapixel or 24-megapixel smartphones.


7. Myths About Mobile Network Bars – Many people think that more network bars means faster internet but it’s far away from the truth as the speed of Internet depends upon number users.


8. Myths About Memory Cleaning Apps – Lot of people believe that memory cleaning apps make their smartphone faster but it  makes your phone even slower by always running in the background so I recommend you don’t use any memory cleaning apps like clean master or UC cleaner.



Conclusion – So these are top smartphone Myths which are far away from the truth. I hope you like this article if you know any myths about smartphones let me know in comments.

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