Improve Memory Optimization In MIUI 8 ROM / Improve Ram Management In MIUI 8 –  The major drawback of MIUI ROM is memory management. I’m not saying that MIUI can’t handle multi tasking but in mid range devices, the Ram Management has been a consistent issue, especially for the device which have 2 GB Ram or even less. One thing we should agree that Xiaomi is putting a lot of effort to make MIUI ROM better.

They have improved Ram management and battery efficiency in latest installment of MIUI ROM but still it’s not perfect, It’s not easy to give tons of features and customizations along with the better Ram management considering this Xiaomi doing a great job, but still I’m sharing some tricks to improve ram management in MIUI ROM.


I’m using MIUI ROM since MIUI 6, Ram management and battery backup at that time eventually sucks but things are changed now. With MIUI 8 Xiaomi started providing great features and customizations along with better memory optimization. But still memory optimization in some mid range smartphones like Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 etc lacks efficiency. Many users have been complaining about repeated reloading of the Launcher/home screen as well as relaunching of apps when attempting to multitask. So in this article, I’m sharing some tricks to increase memory optimization in MIUI 8 ROM.


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Steps To Improve Memory Optimization And Ram Management In MIUI 8 ROM



Trick 1 Change Memory Optimization Settings

You can improve memory management in MIUI 8 ROM by changing memory optimization setting to do this follow below steps.


* Go to Settings > About Phone tap on MIUI version continuously to enable developer option. If already enabled it ignore this step.


* Now Go To Additional Settings > Developer Settings > Memory Optimization change it to low from the middle.


It will help multitasking and prevent constant reloading of the launcher.


Improve Ram management in MiUi 8

Trick 2 Prevent Specific App From Auto Clearing

MIUI 8 Ram management continuously clears some apps that are running in the background to give more free ram and better multi tasking experience, however it may clear important apps which you needed to be run in the background. To prevent this follow below steps.


* Go To Settings > Battery > Manage Apps Battery Usage > Choose Apps


* Now select the apps and tap on “No Restrictions”.


Improve ram management in MiUi 8


This will prevent auto clearing of apps in multi tasking.


Trick 3 Other Important Tips To Improve Memory Optimization In MIUI 8 ROM.

* Close the apps when not in use.


* Uninstall the apps which you use rarely.


* Make sure internal memory of your device have at least 20% to 30% free space.


* Clear cache at least once in a week. To clear cache open Security App > Cleaner and tap on ” Clean Memory ”


* Don’t install memory cleaning apps like the clean master, cm security etc.


* Use lite version of Facebook and Messenger as the original version eats lot memory in the background.


*  Restart your phone daily, this will definitely help in better multi tasking.


* Hide System Animation.  To do this go to Settings > Battery > Tap on System Animations and select “Hide System Animations”.


* Decrease Animation Scale. To do this go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options and set ” Animation Scale To 1x ”


Memory optimization in MiUi ROM



Conclusion – So these are the tricks and tips which you can try on your Redmi Note 3 / Redmi Note 4 or any Xiaomi phones to improve memory management/optimization. Hope you like this article and share this article with your friends.
If you have any queries feel free to post in comments I will help you out.


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