How To Control Your Android Phone Using Voice Commands – Most of us already know about Google voice assistant.

Google assistant can be used to check weather, set alarms, make voice calls, make message, search information, set timer, play music, play games and many more. It functions same as Google now, but the two way conversation makes it better than Google now. However Google assistant works in a limited manner , It cannot perform navigation actions like scroll down , click next ,Text editing and dictation (e.g. “type hello”, “replace coffee with tea”) etc. So in this article I’m sharing new app through which you can completely control your Android smartphone using voice commands.

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Google recently launched a very useful app called Voice access. This app is still in alpha testing but you can try this app on your smartphone. Voice access allows you to control your Android smartphone using voice commands in any screen , It is not limited to any perticuler screen like Google assistant. You can open any app from app drawer, play any music from music player, play any video , send text messages , make calls , control navigation just by giving voice commands , As the app still in alpha testing Google may add many other useful features once it officially released.
I have been testing this app from last 4 days and the app works like charm. Voice access even works pretty decent in Chrome browser. You can open links by giving voice commands.

How To Control Your Android Phone Using Voice Commands –

1. Download Google Voice Access From Here – Play Store

2. Once the app installed , open the app and allow all permissions.

3. Now go to Go to Settings > Accessibility
4. Select “Voice Access”
3. Turn on the switch
How To Control Android Phone Using Voice Commands

4. Turn On Permit drawing over other apps ( If it asks )

5. Now again open Voice Access app and turn on ” Activation Button ”

6. Now a blue Voice Access button will appear on your screen. You can press this button to indicate that you would like to start saying a voice command.

7. You can also press, hold, and drag this button to move it to a different location on your screen.

8. Now press home button and tap on blue voice access button.

9. Now Voice Access will show list of voice commands in numbers. You can simply say number to perform voice actions or say app name to open any apps. ( e.g – If you want to open calendar , you can say 2 or open calendar )

How To Control Android Phone Using Voice Commands

10. Now it will open calendar app .

How To Control Android Phone Using Voice Commands

11. You can also use Voice Access to open apps , open notification shade , open quick setting panel, open list of recent apps or Chrome tabs , turn volume up, turn volume down , mute volume , turn on WiFi, turn of WiFi , scroll down, scroll up, scroll left, scroll right , scroll left , scroll to top, scroll to bottom , long press actions, text editing etc..

Conclusion – This one of the best app launched by Google, as the app still in alpha you may face some problems. This app extremely useful for users who have difficulty manipulating a touch screen (e.g. due to paralysis, tremor, or temporary injury)
Hope you guys like this article i will meet you in next article.

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