5 Unique Android Launchers You Should Try – The best thing in Android is it’s customization , unlike iOS and windows phones Android users can customize almost everything in their device. Right from launchers to boot animation you can customize everything. The best part Android is launchers it allows you to completely​ change the way your phone looks and to do a lot more. You can apply number of themes to Android launchers. If you are interested in theming your Android smartphone you can apply vereity of themes and chamge your smartphone look.

Top 5 Unique Launchers For Android –

Most of us used Nova launcher , Go launcher , MIUi launcher on our Android device. Here in this article I’m sharing 5 unique launchers which have uniqe features and looks compared to above mentioned launchers. Without any further delay lrts check out 5 unique launchers for Android.

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1. Lens Launcher 

Top 5 Unique Launchers For Android

The first launcher in this list is lens launcher which is very different from regular Android launchers. Where others are back this one tries to make your home simple with its unique design. The main screen consist of all the apps you have installed on your device , you can navigate through them by pressing on the screen. It has lens zoom effect whenever you try to open any application and if you want to keep your home screen simple this might be the neat launcher for you.

2. Linux Launcher / TUI 

Top 5 Unique Launchers For Android

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Next launcher in the list is Linux Launcher also known as TUI . If you use linux or command line interface you will really like it.
The interface is adapted well to work in mobile phone. There are few commands you can used to navigate and change stuff , when you type help it shows list of a valuable commands and to open any app you can just type the app name or if you want you can even specify package name well that’s complicated though. You can also uninstall an app using these commands. This launcher features a built-in calculater as well. You can also typr help command and type the command name to know how the command works. Once yiu are familiar with this format you will love this.

3. Arrow Launcher For Android 

Top 5 Unique Launchers For Android

The 3rd unique launncher in this list is Arrow Launcher for Android created by Microsoft. Which looks a lot like Apple’s iPhone I would say a lot more advanced than IOS . Swapping down brings a search window here you can search for apps contacts or perform a Google search. Swipe left will bring a window with widgets to display people , reminder , recent apps and activities. The widgets here are limited and can be arranged . Swiping from the below will bring you something very similar to control centre from where you can toggle settings and launch apps apart from this you can also apply multiple themes and change icon pack as well. Overall its good launcher.

4. Buzz Launcher 

Top 5 Unique Launchers For Android

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Buzz launcher has become a playground for anyone who’s looking to modify the entire theme of their phone. The launcher comes with plenty of themes made by other users and even you can create your own and submit them. It allows pages to be customized in a variety of ways, so you may have to spend some time if you want to personalize every part of the home screen, or you may just download one already made by someone and apply it. You can even search for themes based on categories and apply them depending of the time of the day or to set your mood.

5. Z Launcher

Top 5 Unique Launchers For Android

Remember Nokia? The makers of the indestructible Nokia 3310. They were some of the earliest players in the beginning of the cellphone era, and now they are back and they have their very own launcher. Z launcher has taken gesture to the next level by using your home screen as the writing pad for your gestures. Just scribble the starting letter and you’ll get the list of apps or you may just type in the entire name. Your recent activities, calls and apps are present in the main screen for quick access (don’t worry you can hide the apps too). The app is still in the beta stage but is stable. It also features a separate widget and apps page.

Conclusion – So these are the top 5 unique launchers for Android. There are plenty others that I have not mentioned, but these are the top 5 that I felt were different. If you find something unique that I have not listed here, please do mention in the comments.


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