How To Block Ads In Selected Android Apps

How To Block Ads In Selected Android  Apps  – Ads are really annoying when we are playing games and watching movies on andriod phones. Mobile phone screens are much smaller than PC so it is hard to close the Ads without clicking on it. These ads are not only annoying but it also consumes lot of data.

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In Android you can easily block ads by installing an ad blocker app but the truth about ads on the web is that it support publishers like us to provide free content that you can enjoy. However a poorly designed ads and mis placed ads are really irritating, so today I’m posting how to block ads in selected aps only, using this trick you can block ads only in selected apps. Lets proceed and check out detailed trick to stop ads in selected apps.

Requirement –

  • Rooted Android Device
  • Xposed Framework Installed

How To Block Ads In Selected Apps Android –

1. This trick works on rooted android mobiles only. So you must have rooted android phones to block ads in selected apps.

2. Download Min Min Guard Xposed module from here – Download Android Ad Blocker

3. After downloading Min min guard install it.

4. Now open Xposed installer app.

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5. Tap on modules and tick on Min Min Guard.

6. Now reboot your device

7. After reboot open Min min guard app from your app drawer.

8. Now turn on the ad block switch of each apps you want to block ads.

Block ads on android apps

9. Bingo! Now you have successfully blocked ads on selected android apps.

Conclussion – This is the trick to block ads in selected android apps. There are any ad blocking apps available but you can’t block ads only on selected apps. Minmin guard is the best app to block ads in selected android apps.

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