Top 5 android games for february 2017

Top5 Android Games February 2017 – Hello guys hope you all enjoying our updates. I’m back with new post this time I’m posting top 5 Android games for February 2017. As you all know Android is the most popular operating system and it has over  a million games available on Google Playstore and its not easy to find out best games on playstore so this article will list out best 5 android games for February 2017. Lets proceed and check out the list.

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Top 5 Android Games 2017 Watch Here :- 

Top Android Games February 2017 – 

1. Dead Target : Zoombie – 

Top 5 Android Games February 2017

The best 3D first person zombie shooter with stunning graphic and epic battles. This game has cool story line wity stunning graphics and smooth gameplay packed in just 80MB only. 
In 2040, World War III happened, country frontier changed, modern warfare advanced to a new era after Minister of Defense signed a contract with CS Corporation to perform pro.ject Dead Target: transform prisoners into super evil combat killers. However CS betrayed and threaten to trigger a zombie outbreak if the president does not follow their order. The age of destruction begins.

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2. Space Marshals 2 –

Top 5 android games for february 2017
The second game in Top 5 Android Games For February 2017 is Space Marshals 2.
The sci-fi wild west adventure in outer space continues with Space Marshals 2. This tactical top-down shooter puts you in the shoes of specialist Burton in his struggle against the criminal elements of the galaxy.

This isn’t your ordinary dual-stick shooter. The emphasis is on tactical combat and stealth, rather than just spraying bullets, and there’s a story!

3. Sky Dancers :- 

Top 5 android games for february 2017

Sky runner is a new runner game with over 1 million downloads. This game features beautiful world and awesome graphics in just 70mb. In Sky Dancer you will join the dangerous game called Sky Dancing and push yourself to limitation with every wild jumps through a stunningly beautiful planet! Sky Dancer is for people who love Skydriving and also for whom never experiencing the beautiful of risk while being airbone!

4. Rayman Adventures – 

Top 5 android games for february 2017
Embark on amazing adventures through legendary worlds on a quest to rescue the Incrediballs!

The enchanted forest is in trouble; the ancient eggs that sustain the sacred tree have been stolen and scattered across the world.

From haunted medieval castles to the mythical worlds of Olympus, Rayman, our fearless adventurer, and Barbara, his Viking companion, set out in search of the Incrediballs’ eggs to breathe new life into the sacred tree!

5. Mini Racing :-  

Top 5 android games for february 2017

If you like hill climb racing game, you will surely love this game. Mini racing is real time 3d multiplayer game.

Mini Racing Adventures challenges you to unlock our collection of 26 unique vehicles each with their own feel, to travel across the farthest reaches of 12 adventurous stages. Race into action as you select your favorite Buggy cars, ATV, Trial Motor Bike, and even Truck to climb the highest hill, dirt tracks, snowy mountains, and other beautifully designed stages. Maximize your vehicles potential by unlocking 5 different upgrades.

Thats It Guys! These are the top 5 android games for February 2017. Hope you all like this article keep visit for more updates.

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