Safest Method To Use 2 Sim Cards And Micro Sd Card Same Time – People have been asking me for sim card+ sd card hybrid tutorial that we shared before which is quite risky to make. One cause is that if the adhesive used is too thick, chances is that you might never pull out the sim tray again. Another is that if you heated the sim card too hot to pull out the gold part, you might say bye bye to your sim card 🙁

Now someone has invented the Sim Card + SD Card Extension Attachment, which removes all those headaches that you need to under go just to make 2 Sim cards  and Micro SD card work at the same time. All you have to do is just purchase this cable!

How To Use 2 Sim Cards And Sd Card At The Same Time in Hybrid Sim Tray On Any Device :- 

1. First of all buy this cable from here

2. Take out your Sim Tray

3. Place Micro SD card in the Sim 2 Slot

4. Place the thin nano sim on top of the micro SD card and place it properly like you are placing a nano sim into it.

5. Carefully slide in the sim tray, best if youcan put a ultra thin double sided tape (3M prefered) into the back of the thin nano sim to avoid displacement.

6. Place the Nano Sim to the other end of the attachment cable

7. Stick the Sim Card holder side to the Phone to avoid dangling.

8. Check if your phone has 2 signals and canread SD card at the same time.

This device can be use in the following Xiaomi Devices:- 

1. Redmi 3
2. Redmi 3S/3x
3. Redmi 4/Prime/4A
4. Redmi Note 3/Note 3 Pro
5. Redmi Note 4
6. Mi Max
7. Mi 4S
8. Redmi Pro

Credits :- Miui Thread

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