record slow motion video on android
Record Slow Motion Video On Android
Record Slow Motion Videos On Android – Most of the high end devices which are available in the market have come with the option of recording video in slow motion. But budget smart phones does not have this option by default. You cannot record slow motion videos in most of mid range smart phones. However there are many apps available on Google playstore with which you can record slow motion videos on your android device like a pro!. So lets proceed and check how to record slow motion videos on your android device.

How To Record Slow Motion Videos On Your Android Device :-

1. Firstly record video from defualt camera.

2. Now download viva video app from Here
If you already installed the app ignore this step.

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3. After installing vivo video pro open it.
Now select the video clip which you want to ad slow motion effect.

4. After selecting the video click on edit option. Now you will see number of editing option. Click on ‘clip edit’.

5. Now tap on “more” and select clip speed.
Select the speed which you want to apply.
( 1/4 x is slower and 2x is faster)

6. After selecting clip speed click on “ok” and tap on right mark from the top right corner.

7. Now click on share button from top right corner and select export to gallery to save the video in sd card.

That’s it guys this is all about how to record slom motion videos on your android device. If you like this article please share this post. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to post in comment section.

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