How to Bypass Jio 1 GB Daily Data Limit (4 Tricks)

Bypass Jio 1GB Daily Data Limit – Hello guys we are back with awesome trick. Are  you disappointed with jio 1Gb limit  per day under Jio Happy New Year Plan? We got a solution for you. 

In this article we are sharing some tricks to bypass Jio 1 GB speed limit, using this trick you can enjoy unlimited High speed 4g data without capping. 

What Is Jio Happy New Year Offer? 

Jio is currently offering happy new year offer in which all jio customers will get free unlimited data, voice calls and sms but data speed will be capped to 128kbps after 1 GB. You can enjoy 4G speed till you reach 1Gb, after that your speed will be deceased to 128 Kbps. 

How To Remove Jio 1 GB Limit Per Day :- 

In this article You”ll get All Answers of this topics – bypass jio 4gb data Daily Limit, Get 4G Speed After 4GB/1GB Data Speed Cap Solution You can use this easy trick and remove your speed cap and get unlimited data with up to 4-5 MBPS in your Jio sim. So leave alll this just follow few steps to know How To Remove Speed Cap From Jio .

*. (Trick 1) Remove Jio Speed Limit Using MyJio Old App :- 

1. First you need to uninstall all Jio Apps. You can take backup using Tatinium backup or any other app to restore it later. 

2. Now download old MyJio app from here – 

 MyJio Old Apk 

3. Now turn off your Internet connection and open MyJio App. 

4. Now turn on your internet and quickly click in “Skip” button. 

This step is important you need to click Skip within second or else it will popup for update app. 
If you fail to click Skip button, just clear the data of MyJio app and try again 

5. Now install all Jio Apps from MyJio app. 

6. Now turn off your data connection and again open MyJio app. 

7. Turn on your data connection and click on Get Jio Sim. 

8. Now skip login. You will automatically be logged to the app & Get Activated Preview Offer. 

9.Done! Now you again got4G speed injio sim. 

*. (Trick 2)Remove Jio Speed Limit By Proxy Method :- 

1. Open setting in Your Phone > Mobile Networks > choose Jio Sim > Create New Access Point.

2. Enter profile name as Techowiki 

3. Enter Apn as :- Jionet 

4. Proxy :-

5. Port :- 80 

6. Apn Type :- Default 

7. Server :- 

Save the apn and connect to internet and enjoy unlimited Jio 4g internet. 

*. ( Trick 3) Remove Jio Spees Limit Using VPN :- 

1. Download Super VPN from here – 
 Super Vpn . Alternatively you can use speedily, it also gives good speed. 

2. Now connect to any USA or Germany server. 

3. Thats it! Now you can use high speed unlimited internet. 

*. ( Trick 4) Remove Jio Speed Limit Using Apn Protocol :- 

1. Change you APN protocol ipv4/ipv6 to ipv6 

2. Now open social sites like facebook youtube 

3. Now use 50-60 MB data then restart your mobile. 

4. After restart again use 6-10 MB data.

5. Again change APN protocol Ipv6 toipv4/ipv6 

6. That’s it you have successfully bypassed the speed capping now use unlimited data

Thats it guys, You can try above 4 methods to bypass jio 1 Gb speed limit per day. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to post in comment section. 
Hope you all like this article keep visit for more updates. 

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