How To Add Fingerprint Gestures On Any Android Device – Fingerprint gestures are the exclusive feature of Google Pixel smart phones, Fingerprint sensor is not only a security feature, it also can be used as an input device. However pixel devices are not the only devices having fingerprint sensor. Most of the flagship and middle range smartphones are packed with fingerprint sensor feature  but these fingerprint sensors does not comes with gestures support. You can manually add fingerprint gestures on your android device. This trick will work on both rooted and non rooted device. Currently there two apps available on google playstore – Fingerprint Quick Action and Fingerprint Gestures ( Beta). These two apps can be used to add fingerprint gestures on any android device having fingerprint scanner. I personally prepare Fingerprint Quick Action as it is more stable compared to Fingerprint Gestures ( Beta). Here’s how to get fingerprint gestures on any android device.

Requirements :- 

*. Fingerprint Scanner

*. Rooted or Non Rooted Android Device 

*. Android Version 6.0 and Above 

*. For Samsung Devices Android Version 5.0 And Above. 

How to get fingerprint gestures on any android device :- 

Video Tutorial :- 

1. First of all you need to download Fingerprint Quick Action From Here :- Playstore

2. After installing the app open it. 

3. Now click on “Enable Fingerprint Gestures” from right top. 

4. Now Open settings app and click on accessibility and turn on Fingerprint Gestures. 

5. Now open fingerprint quick action app and set fingerprint gestures according to your choice. 

6. You can set single tap action, double tap action to quickly open any app and shortcuts. 

Video Tutorial :-

So guys this is all about adding fingerprint gestures on any android device, if you have any queries regarding this article feel free to post in comment section. 

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