Top 5 Best  Cricket Games Android 2016 

ea cricket games for android
Gone were those days when we love to play 2D games on our Java phones . Android’s entry in the market made huge difference . Android has introduced revolutionary changes in mobile gaming world . Graphics , Game play, Control, Concept everything changed along with the new versions of Android .There are millions of games available on Google Play store and it is quite difficult to pick best one . So today I’m posting Top 3 best cricket games available on Google Play store . Cricket Lovers like me are always searching for best cricket games and play store has hundreds of cricket games it might be difficult for us to install a good cricket game and we end up in wasting our net balance . So guys in this article I’m posting about 5 best cricket games which are available on google play store . 

Top 5 Best  Cricket Games Android 2016 

1. Cricket Career  2016 :- 

Top 5 Best  Cricket Games Android 2016
 Cricket Career 2016 the best cricket game currently available on Google Play Store . The game play is addicting and controls are smooth . Unlike other cricket games Cricket Career 2016 has fresh new concept where you have to  take the role of an upcoming cricket batsman , create your own avatar and bat your way to the top of the cricket world . The graphics are stunning and Beautiful cut scenes  will make your gaming experience more immersive . The Indian cricket player Muruli Vijay will guide you through out your cricket  career  and hear the action packed commentary by former Indian cricketer Krish Shrikant While You dazzle the crowds in stadiums across the globe. 

2. ICC Pro Cricket 2015 :-

Top 5 Offline Cricket Games
 ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is in 2nd position in the list . This game features over 150 official players from the 14 teams of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 . Are you true Cricket lover ?? then this game is made for you !! It has one of the most detailed and realistic simulation gaming experience of its kind . ICC Pro Cricket 2015 is a real cricket 3D simulation game packed with stunning graphics to give you a jaw dropping gaming experience . 

3. World Cricket Championship 2 :-  

Top 5 Best  Cricket Games Android 2016
One of my favorite cricket game , It has stunning graphics along with smooth controls and game play. Every cricket lover will love this awesome game it has really good advanced 3D graphics , You can play the maximum number of cricket shots including the famous Dil -Scoop , The Upper cut and The Helicopter Shot. This game is built for cricket fans , you can customize your player and cheer your teem with customized banners . 

4. Real Cricket 2016 :- 

Top 5 Best  Cricket Games Android 2016
Real Cricket 2016 features one of the best authentic , Complete , Surreal cricket experience for Android Smartphones and tablets . The graphics are not up to the mark however it offers simple and intuitive controls that will compel you enjoy the game with ease .  If you like 2D graphics then this game will impress you.

5. Stick Cricket :- 

Top 5 Best  Cricket Games Android 2016
Do you like stick man games ??  If yes then  this game is for you !! Stick Cricket is the world’s  most popular cricket game with quite nice graphics and game play . The controls are really smooth and concept is unique from other cricket games . 

Watch Video Here :-

I personally like Cricket career 2016 though the graphics are not upto the mark compared to ICC Pro Cricket and World Cricket Championship 2 but it has fresh concept which  I liked the most .If you like graphics oriented games then you can go with ICC Pro Cricket Or WCC 2. 
So guys this is all about top 5 best cricket games 2016  available for android hope you all like this article keep visit for updates.

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