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Xiaomi Mi 5s Full Specification And Awesome Features :- 

 xiaomi, the apple of china is launching a new flagship  killer smartphone Mi 5S, it is the upgraded version of Mi 5 which was launched  in early 2016.

The new Mi 5S will have 6 GB of ram along with super fast Snapdragon 821 Processor.

Features Of Mi 5s :- 

1. Storage & Processor :-  

Mi 5S will have 6 GB ram with super fast Snapdragon 821 processor. Mi 5S will be available in 4 variants with internal storage of 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. 

2. Latest Android OS :- 

Mi 5S comes with android marshmallow 6.0 and it can be upgraded to latest version Android 7.0 through OTA.

3. Full HD Display :-

 According to AnTuTu list Mi 5S features full HD display although there is no information regarding screen size, Mi 5S is likely to have 5.15 Inch screen. 

7 reasons to buy mi 5s

4. Apple 3D Touch :-   

According to some rumors  Mi 5S features full sensitive display and it has same features as the IPhone 7 and IPhone 7 plus.

5. Camera :- 

Mi 5S has 16 mega pixel primary camera with dual tone led flash and 8 MP selfie camera, which is capable of taking good pictures even in low light. 

6. Improvement In Battery :-

 Mi 5S comes with 3950mah battery which is greater than Mi 5 which has 3000mah battery. 

7. Super Fast Fingerprint Sensor :-  

Mi 5S features ultra sonic fingerprint sensor technology that will work on glass, plastic, steel and other materials. 

So guys this all about Mi 5S awesome features, hope you all like this article keep visit techowiki.in for more updates.


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